My first internship experience. Along with the work, and knowledge that came out of it.

Last summer (2016) I applied for an unpaid internship, to get some more experience in my job field and to keep myself occupied over the summer. I was applying at random places, anywhere I could find to see if anyone would take me. I didn’t have that large of a portfolio, and the things in it weren’t my greatest work. I was honestly surprised when I heard back from a company. Richie the CEO of the start up company contacted me, saying they were very interested in my work, and would love to take me on board their team. I was extremely excited and ready to create whatever they wanted me to.

Purascents is a start up company founded by Richie Stapler, and Bruno Lima. They are creating the first in home, smart fragrance dispenser. Here’s a little bit about their product…

Pura Scents is the world’s first smart fragrance dispenser. It’s a simple, yet elegant device that you plug into any outlet. It holds two fragrances per dispenser. You can swap between the two as you please and also allows for custom scheduling. If you leave your house, all the devices turn off automatically. If you’re not home, you can release fragrance remotely from your phone so it smells good by the time you return. The dispenser includes a USB charger so you don’t lose an outlet and can still charge your phone or tablet. There’s also a smart nightlight that has millions of color options and custom scheduling. Home fragrance as we know it, will never be the same.

My time with them consisted of creating website banners, adds, and resizing/customizing their existing fragrance assets. We would meet just about every Friday to show our work, get feed back, and collaborate as a team for the next project. The main things I was creating were banners for each of their original scents that would match a story or theme to give their buyers a feel of what the scent would smell like. For example, Pacific Aqua is a mellow, sweet, sandal wood + marine type scent. So I created a beachy, laid back type of feel for their banner.

During my time at Purascents I created some things that I am proud of, but it was more than just the work I created and added to my portfolio. It was the learning experience I gained from being able to work in a group setting with others, and having people to look up to and learn from as a designer. The company had some of the nicest, most encouraging people I have met. I learned a lot about buying and selling products, and how to implement design to attract customers.

Brittany Keller is a student in the Digital Media program at Utah Valley University, Orem Utah, studying Interaction & Design. The following article relates to (Internships) as extracurricular projects and is representative of the skills learned