BRIXCORP Token Upgrade

We are now ERC-1400 compliant

Eli Weir
Eli Weir
Sep 13, 2019 · 2 min read

On 30 July 2019, Polymath announced a major milestone, with the release of v3.0 of the Polymath Protocol. With full ERC-1400 compliance, Polymath v3 leads the way in improving interoperability and communication within the security token ecosystem.

BRIXCORP was initially created using the first release of Polymath’s protocol, then upgraded to v2, and we are pleased to announce our upgrade to v3.

The Importance of ERC-1400 Compliance

The ERC-1400 specification consists of an interoperable library of security token standards developed through a collaborative process involving stakeholders from across the security token ecosystem.

Using standardised interfaces for the core functionality helps reduce friction for third-party services (e.g. KYC providers, custodians, exchanges, wallets, block explorer) to integrate with a security token. Adoption of the ERC-1400 standard is important for ensuring the future liquidity of BRIXCORP.

Being ERC-1400 compliant also allows us to give regulators such as the Labuan FSA comfort with our issuance of BRIXCORP and future plans for capital raises and listing.

Access to Additional Features

As well as being fully ERC-1400 compliant, the Polymath v3 release contains many new features designed to make tokens easier and more flexible to manage.

One of the core features of Polymath’s architecture is the ability to add functionality to a token through modules, meaning that a token can be fully customised to a specific asset and jurisdiction, and allow for extension and future-proofing of the functionality associated with your the token. As well as improving the core token, the v3 release includes updates to existing modules, and exciting new modules.

Whilst the ability to add and remove modules from a token has always provided a lot of future-proofing, following the v3 release both core token functionality and individual modules can now be upgraded in-place.

New BRIXCORP Contract Address

The upgrade from v2 to v3 means that we have a new BRIXCORP contract address, 0xf9f3458db4e753bb511834275ecf60817234e77e.

We have issued 100,000,000 BRIXCORP from the new contract address to Treasury, and have burned all 100,000,000 BRIXCORP from the old contract address. We have also contacted Etherscan to start the process of updating the new token details and deprecating the old one, to reduce any potential confusion.

We will shortly be issuing BRIXCORP to existing shareholders and investors. Please direct any queries to

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