Mel’s March Madness: The Sweet Sixteen of pug .gifs

Last week we had a tight battle with the Sweet Sixteen of Cat GIFs going at it. Which cat GIF went all … the …. way? Well, according to a lot of feedback I got, it was “G-g-g-g-ghosts.” But then again, a lot of people went crazy for “My Binky.” But guys, guys, we all win when it comes to cat GIFs. Which is why this week is an even tougher competition: what can possibly compete against the majesty of cat GIFs?

Easy answer: pug GIFs.

Pugs are inherently hilarious thanks to their short legs, lolling tongues, and smushy faces. But if you only give them five second loops of their antics? You have a competition for the ages.

[divider]DIVISION I: FABLECTICS[/divider]

“Running Club”
vs. “Bounce House”


You think “Running Club” is just going to be a cute puppy running, right, till OUT OF NO WHERE a second deranged pug face comes into frame. SNEAK ATTACK. “Bounce House” is bringing it though, since that pug just thinks he’s a regular bunny.

“No bath for you!” vs.
“Tag Team”


pug cute

Look, that bathtime pug has a solid shimmy. But you know what he could use? A best friend. Even if that best friend isn’t real.

[divider]DIVISION II: GRADE SCHOOL GIFs[/divider]

“Potty Humor” vs.
“Butt Stuff”

dog pug poor puppy halp i stuck pug problems


pug puppet

THAT PUG IS STUCK IN A TOILET. If anything can beat a pug stuck in a toilet, it’s a puppet biting a pug’s butt.

“Mommy Dearest” vs.
“I’m Number One”

pug funny animals dog cute


Awww, that pug thinks it’s a mommy hoooman. It’s no contest though when a pug has aim like that.

[divider]DIVISION III: REACTION PUGS[/divider]

“W.T.F” vs.
“Fur real”

pug dat face dat look


Is anything more offensive than the incredulity of a pug? No. No, there is not. But there is nothing cooler than a cool pug either.

“Maybe it was … ALIENS?!”
vs. “Whaaaaaaaaa?”


dog what tongue pug

What is more powerful: three smash cuts pulling into a pug’s face or a simple, elegant head tilt? You be the judge. But I can’t stop laughing at “Aliens?”


“I Love Lucy” vs.

chocolate pug dog sassy so cute


avengers pug puglife pug avengers

I like that Lucy and the Hulk are putting in equal effort.

“Wampug” vs. “Bantha”

animals star wars wtf pugs wampa


dog star wars costume pug bantha

“Star Wars” is back, baby — so do you prefer “Empire” or original “Star Wars”?

As always …

There are no losers in Mel’s March Madness, especially not today. Pug .gifs reign supreme, at least until next week.