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Internal Alchemy, Ascension, and Evolution of Human Consciousness

Means of Transforming the Self into an Ascended Being

Even though these writings will not teach the specifics of methods on how to transform yourself into a lighter being. I will lightly touch on the subject.

Internal alchemy

many ancient cultures have spoken about their ability to transform the self into other forms of existence. The complete transformation of the human body into a different being.

In Japan, for example, they believe if a ghost is not attended for a long period of time it will transform and become a Demon.

According to the Bible, Jesus transformed in the Mountain, after the resurrection he was able to appear anywhere instantly.

In Chinese culture, especially the Daoist, they practice a specialized discipline that is able to change the energy from lower forms of energy into higher forms of energy.

Ascension by transmuting the five elements

In your inner man, there are five fundamental elements, which I won’t go into detail about today, but these elements are what make us what we are.

Transforming these five elements by the techniques of internal alchemy, a person is able to change his body and mind from the inside out.

There are many techniques like:

  • Advanced Yoga,
  • Chi-gong,
  • Meditations,
  • Sacred dances,
  • Pilgrimages and
  • Specialized rituals that allow a person to transform.

According to the Bible, Jesus went to the desert for 40 days without food and water, this is one of the pilgrimages that activate supernatural abilities and ascends someone from denser reality to that of lighter density.

There are many ceremonials and rituals that can ascend a person, especially in ancient African society they would turn a person into a Demon or a God to help them solve major problems or prevent catastrophic events from happening, and once these people complete their tasks, they would ascend into higher levels of existence, some selfish people would use children and transmute them into different beings for their own benefits, this is not limited to humans, they could also transmute animals, fish, etc. And use them for magical purposes.

This is done by combining a specialized diet, isolation from society, and preparation of special formulas that will change a person. Because they understood the mechanism of internal and external alchemy, all they needed to do was find a person with an already sufficient material that can be used for transformation.

Technology as scientific as it may seem can also be combined with occult knowledge to ascend a person from one state of existence to the other. Pyramids of Egypt, mounds around the world were used as a specialized technique to ascend a man from a state of manhood to that of a Godhood.

Natural progression of Ascension

In a way, we are also transforming our inner elements into higher states of existence, just that the natural transmutation of inner alchemy, takes thousands of years if not millions of years.

Ancient and cyclical catastrophes

Global catastrophes are purposeful and meaningful, following universal principles. The same way a caterpillar transforms itself into a butterfly, it is meant for all sentient beings, including the Earth or planetary spirit to ascend into a higher state of existence.

Earth ascending into a higher dimension

It is necessary for any mother to use her life to all its energy so that it’s young can live, even though we perceive it as a very unfair situation for a mother to sacrifice her life for its younger generation, but it is for the greater good, once the mother accomplishes the task it’s able to move up in the higher states of existence. Our forefathers are in a hierarchical form, protecting us and guiding us. They connect to this dimension through us.

All other planets have life in them, we don’t detect life because they do exist in higher dimensions, this is because our dimension is only a transitional state where we are supposed to evolve and move into higher states of existence.

There are many ancient cultures where people just disappeared without a trace of bones left, this is because they were able to cultivate their bodies and transform themselves into higher energetic beings.

Evolution of human consciousness

As of now, we are still scratching the surface of knowing the mysteries of human consciousness. Speaking of the evolution of human consciousness is speaking of the growth of human consciousness.

Progress or growth is measured by how an individual perceives their surroundings. If we compare 20 years ago to this time, we can see that we didn’t have much access to information as we do now. We walk with computers, we are able to find almost any information from our phones and smartwatches with ease.

Facebook showed cases their hand-free communication without saying a word, A brain Computer Interface (BCI) outlining their goal to build a non-invasive, wearable device that lets people type by simply imagining themselves talking. how they were able to get someone to type on a computer without touching anything.

Recently Elon Musk showed cased his neural link, a device that is ultimately supposed to connect a human mind with a machine and merge with AI. Just imagine the ability to visualize a vehicle as clearly as you were staring at your computer and being able to 3d print them with a single thought, this would be pretty cool.

The evolution of human consciousness is inevitable, it is meant to happen, and this progress will find a vehicle to progress and move into another form of existence.



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