Customer Service

An opportunity to brighten or dampen someone’s day.

Charlene Fate
Jan 16 · 2 min read
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One of my passions in life is great customer service. No matter what business you’re in you have to serve customers at some point. They could be internal or external customers.

How you treat someone you’re serving is important. That interaction can profoundly affect someone’s life. You have the power to be a positive or negative influence in someone’s day.

At the beginning of the year my daughter needed a pair of volleyball shoes. Her coach had suggested a specific brand for the team so we went to the Sports Academy in search of the shoes.

We did not see the brand that we were looking for in my daughter’s size. We searched for a salesperson to help. The people that were working did not seem too keen on being bothered. They looked bothered and when I asked questions and told them what we were looking for they made me feel like I was an annoyance. Of course, they said they didn’t have what we were looking for. Great. Thanks. It was a negative experience that left us feeling like our business was not wanted.

So, we head over to Dick’s Sporting goods. The atmosphere was completely different. There was a salesperson eager to help, ready to answer questions. They didn’t have what we were looking for in the store but the salesperson offered to order what we needed for us online and have the shoes shipped straight to our home. It was a very positive experience that left us feeling good.

Now, I wouldn’t normally name the stores but the level of customer service that I receive from both of these stores is the same every time I visit. We already know what to expect from each.

I know serving and helping others is not an easy job. Customer service agents put up with a lot of craziness. That’s why I like to reward great customer service with a tip or leaving a positive review with the individual’s name because it’s not easy and great customer service should be rewarded.

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