Broctagon Fintech Group Unveils its Latest Suite of FX and Crypto Solutions at Korea’s Chain Plus+

Together with an estimated 2,300 delegates, 60 exhibitors and 75 speakers from over 15 countries including blockchain enthusiasts, financial institutions and crypto exchanges, Broctagon Fintech Group recently concluded its first-ever participation as an event exhibitor at the 2019 Blockchain Convergence Summit: Chain Plus in South Korea from January 23–24.

Co-organized by MTN (Money Today Network) and a global blockchain accelerator, Chainers, the expo was strategically held in Seoul, one of the world’s most active blockchain and cryptocurrency market locations with strong advocacy for the evolution of industry-wide crypto regulation. Receiving significant support from various token fund and venture capitalists, over 120 project teams hailing from major cities in Asia, Europe and North America flew in to engage with event audiences on frontier blockchain-related projects and panels.

Many international and Korean attendees were seen gathering around the Broctagon booth, with a sizeable number of crypto exchanges and companies showing keen interest in establishing potential partnerships to incorporate and utilize the Network of Exchanges for Universal Settlement (NEXUS), Broctagon’s unique crypto liquidity solution. Fuelled by a protocol-agnostic FIX API adaptor, the NEXUS proprietary liquidity technology features ultra-low latency matching engines, smart order routing and unified order books to enable “Best Bid Best Offer” crypto trading scenarios under an EU-regulated environment.

During the event period, Don Guo, Co-Founder of Broctagon Fintech Group, was interviewed by Chain Plus organisers MTN. In the interview, he discussed at length about Broctagon’s direction towards the crypto sectors and revealed his visionary roadmap of Broctagon in 2019, coupled with the company’s involvement with Cambodia’s smart city projects.

Creating a Friction-Less Crypto Trading Environment With NEXUS

On the final day of Chain Plus, in his capacity as an event speaker, Don shared his insights on the emergence and future of cryptocurrencies, along with the pivotal role of liquidity in crypto trading. Covering NEXUS in his speech, Don highlighted that NEXUS was established to create a friction-less crypto trading marketplace.

Built to deliver hedging opportunities against market volatility via leveraged crypto derivatives, users could access it uncompromisingly, at zero wallet or exchange vulnerabilities. He expressed that through NEXUS, the current global markets could possibly achieve an active breakthrough in next-level, high-volume crypto trading.

Driving the Benchmarks of Quality Client Experiences Through AXIS, a World-Class Affiliate System

Broctagon also showcased its all-new CRM platform, the Affiliate Expansion Integrated System (AXIS). Fully-equipped for both utility and security tokens, AXIS is designed to enhance every aspect of token sale projects. Ranging from utmost platform simplicity to high-level feature complexity, users are empowered with the full spectrum of independent customization for the key components of ICOs/STOs, integrated neatly within a single, streamlined dashboard.

With the immense levels of fanfare and audience interest generated from the Chain Plus event, Broctagon looks to further its foray into the Korean financial markets, opening the pathways for deeper future collaborative efforts with like-minded industry partners within Korea to enhance its current suite of brokerage and liquidity services.

About Broctagon Fintech Group:

Broctagon Fintech Group is a conglomerate with core competencies in total fintech solutions. They span comprehensive corporate consulting services and technological solutions that are fully developed in-house. The group is driven by a 300-strong team of professionals spanning 6 countries specialising in providing advanced, dynamic and turnkey innovations.

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Broctagon Fintech Group is the leading provider in complete forex solutions, end-to-end blockchain services, deep institutional liquidity, as well as comprehensive system security testing and development.

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Broctagon Fintech Group

Broctagon Fintech Group is a conglomerate with core competencies in 360° fintech solutions.