7SPORT App Redesign

As a sports fan, I’m always on the look out for an easy to use app that ticks all the boxes. News, live scores, competition ladders and details on my favourite teams across different sports.

The current 7SPORTS app, by Yahoo!7, has a lot of the information I’m after, but it was in the need of a refresh and simplification of the sitemap. So i took it upon myself to give it a crack.

Site Map

The current app is complicated to navigate so i simplified & flattened the structure as much as possible and reduced decisions down to 4 paths.

  • Sports News
  • Sports Scores
  • Sports Highlights / Video
  • Specific Sport

Check out the basic sitemap here.


Screen Comparisons


Check out the prototype and let me know what you think.



  • Moved from fixed banner ad to native ad (see Rebel Sport ad on News - All Sports)
  • On Launch, you’re taken to the News instead of live scores to attempt to avoid any unwanted spoilers
  • Operating System agnostic design, instead of relying on specific user interface defaults
  • Increased touch targets so everything big and easily touchable

Stage 2 Designs

  • Push Notifications
  • Apple Watch notifications
  • iPhone Today screen (notification center) with live scores & latest news of favourite sports
  • Favourite teams as well as sports
  • User onboarding // On initial launch the user would get a login/choose your favourite sports page so their content was customised to them from the first experience