5 Tips To Increase Success At Job Interviews

I worked for several years in the software industry in many different places. Each company runs its own hiring campaign with various strategies. I observed all, conflicted with some and admired few. Since I founded my own company, I run the hiring meetings in our first stages. I would like to tell about what we value most and why you should pay attention to them. Here are the five tips to increase your success at job interviews.

1- Dress proper

First of all, you should dress properly. We had a candidate that came up to the meeting with a pink short and tank tops. I have to say that, the first thing that popped into my head was how could he pay attention to the job even he can’t pay attention to his appearance. I’m not against pink shorts or tank tops but all I’m saying is you don’t go to a beach with a lounge suit, you wear a swim suit. I tried not to be prejudice but he wasn’t the right guy anyway.

Some people say that appearance shouldn’t matter but look around you. Good looking men and women run the world, even if you deny.

2- Have a vision

To be a pro, you must have a vision. Vision shows how serious you are about your profession. Every person draws a roadmap to their desired version of themselves but you can’t draw a good path if you lack vision.

Some companies just want the job done, nothing else, so they are OK with meager employees. On the other hand, some companies want A+ class players to have on their team. They build their own academy in their own company structure, they educate themselves under that roof. So, if you desire to be in that one, figure out what you want to achieve in your 10 years plan.

3- Show your work

Bragging is not okay in an interview, you have to prove your points. In the software sector, so many people claim that they are senior level. They claim they know about 10+ programming languages. They claim that they are highly experienced. Most of them are bullshit. Be real and show it…

I’m looking to expand my portfolio while I’m on top and while I’m young.
— Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

We check their git repositories and if they have a portfolio website, we check it instead. Interesting point is that a serious amount of people don’t have a live portfolio. Noticing this deficiency in the industry led us developing an easy portfolio creation tool, named Project Showcase, that creates a showcase for your projects in minutes.

Anyone can use it without getting their hands dirty. We injected many useful features like connecting to a domain, SEO optimization, analytics etc. You can use embed videos & audios from any source, even SoundCloud links. Long story short, give it a try. Here is the link.

Sample portfolio, created with Project Showcase

4- Score a success in the first five minutes

First impression is the last impression. Be confident. Do your research about the company. Know your game. Don’t talk too much, silence is golden. Being on the same page with the interviewer is an advantage. If any accusing question is asked, don’t blame others and take responsibility. Be ready to handle illegal and inappropriate questions. Close on a positive note.

5- Don’t lose contact after the interview

Send a thank you email after your interview. Try not to write it like a cold email. Try to include the topics you are discussed during the interview.

That’s all for now. Whether these strategies will get you a job offer depends on the company and of course on you. But one thing’s for sure, you have to do all the things you can, without giving up.

If you are curious about what else we do as Broftware Labs, you can check our other projects here. Feel free to reach us out!