A way of getting started for developers to business life

what a cool picture isn’ it?

You finished college. So far you have had many projects and internships, or you have developed several projects on your own.

You somehow managed to fill the CV. You graduate now and there are thousands of people in the same situation. It seems like the real world war beginning, doesn’t it?.

So, what are you gonna do now? Every generation has its own challenges. Ours are technology, fast consumption, and high-level competition. You’re gonna have to find something that makes you look different in the segment of your specialty.

Uh, we found a trick for that.

Okay, to be honest, we didn’t find it. We just upgraded the idea and did a little mix.

How? Let’s clarify it in 4 simple steps.

1- CV? Hasn’t it been using since the beginning of ancient times? But employers are still looking for it, right?

A job interview in 1950s, people holding their resumes

In your undergraduate life, you should take essential points and put them into your file. It is very basic to get ready for life. But sadly, it’s not enough to have done a lot of things. You have to present them like it’s the next big thing.

In this case, your presentation is like your cover picture of your story.

Everybody has a CV or Linkedin profile. People are trying to show off themselves to everyone to make differences in Linkedin. Is this the right way for you? I don’t think so. On the other hand, CV is boring I know, but it is essential for business life itself. If you do not give importance to your CV, know that you won’t be called to interview. But before the interview, also know that CV won’t be enough to showcase your projects/works and get you one step ahead from the other candidates.

2- Create a portfolio website for yourself

You need a cool portfolio website which has fundamental and important information about yourself and a clear demonstration of the things you have done so far.

It should be simple, brief and focused. It should also include your CV, your social media links and it should look good, really good.

3- Sign up to remote jobs platforms.

The system of remote work continues to increase its popularity worldwide. Especially for young developers. One of the biggest sectors in the remote industry is undoubtedly yours. You should open a profile from the major remote jobs sites. Our advice will be Github Jobs, Stack Overflow and Android jobs. It will be in your best interest to focus on these sites.

Github Jobs-https://jobs.github.com/positions

StackOverflow -https://stackoverflow.com/jobs

Android Jobs- https://www.androidjobs.io/


4- Use your Portfolio in every step of recruitment.

Saw the websites above? Begin with putting your online portfolio link to the account’s website sections that you have in those platforms. Use it in your social media bios too. You never know who comes from where.

More visibility of your portfolio website boosts your organic search index.

Don’t have an online portfolio website?

Use https://projectshowcase.me to create your own fast and free.