How to create your online portfolio website with Project Showcase

Not like other website builders we don’t use confusing drag and drop features. All we care about is to be the fastest and the simplest for you to get your online presence at it’s best.

1. Move fast with walkthrough

Once you sign up, we are letting you create your profile so fast and easy with walkthrough section.

  1. Create your username for your website →
  2. Add your photo, Name, Title and Bio*
  3. Choose your theme color
  4. Add or find a cover/background photo to your portfolio.

5. Add some details about yourself such as your location, current company, education and skills.

6. Connect your social media

2. Fetch your apps from App Store and Play Store

Search your app and add it quickly to your portfolio. All content will be organized automaticly includes App icon, Title, Link, Description and Screenshots.

3. Add your projects step by step manually

End of the ‘’Create Your Profile’’ walkthrough, you’ll come to projects part. Click to ‘’Add a Project’’ button for creating your first project.

  1. Project Name
  2. Describe your project with Rich Text Editor*
  3. Add tags for your projects.
  4. Add your projects website, google play store, appstore, github links
  5. Add Photos and Videos to your project.
  6. Cutomize project’s design and see how it looks like.
  7. Add your project to your website.
  8. Add another one or publish.

4. Use your panel to add new projects or update whatever you want.

Whether it is your personal information or project, Project Showcase lets you use a bunch of features inside of the panel. Such as;

  1. Add or change profile picture, name, title, bio, social medias,
  2. Edit contact information.
  3. Change or add social media accounts
  4. Edit your projects
  5. Add new projects.
  6. Connect to your domain.
  7. Share, Preview, Update

Add Backgrounds

New Features


With Project Showcase, every project of your portfolio can get feedback from your website visitors.

Upload CV

Add your resume to your portfolio

*Rich Text Editor: A text fill which leads you to form headlines, subtitles, quotations, bullets, bold or italic views of your content.

*Bio: It is the brief information about yourself for both increase your search engine visibility and describes yourself to your target audience in your sentences.

Upcoming Features


Track your online portfolio websites statistics with google analytics

Mobile App

Make your portfolio a mobile application.

Themes and more to come…

How these all sound? Go to your panel and update your portfolio.

If you haven’t sign up yet,

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