Please don’t take this article to mean that you should bring on a few token minorities you can trot out as part of some kind of tolerance test during your hiring process.
I’m a Woman in Tech, But Even I Didn’t “Get It” Until This Week
Laura Roeder

This is actually a good idea, and the fact that it’s shyed-away-from points to a blind spot in the article.

A diverse workplace will weed out shittier people like this job candidate. Sexist, racists, etc. are always narcissists. Many narcissists won’t show their dark side if they esteem the group you belong to. Expose them to someone they’re more likely to disrespect and they’ll expose their narcissism to you.

In addition, hiring someone because you want to hire someone of their background is totally FINE. People often feel pressured to disclaim this sort of thing and prove to others (and themselves) that they’re “not hiring tokens.” But even if it’s harder to find top talent from certain demographics, you can still find talent, there’s no shame in hiring them for the sake of social justice.

So, in short, hiring minorities purely to contribute to social justice is totally fine, and if you’re going to talk about it being good for business, weeding out narcissists is probably a stronger benefit than the old idea of hiring a diverse staff to somehow enrich the experience of other employees.

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