Integrate a Dozen Messaging Platforms in 30 lines of code

Using Broid’s API

This article is a second iteration of my first article “Integrate a Dozen Messaging Platforms in 5 Minutes”. The idea here is to offer a starter kit for you to build your bot with all Broid’s features like failover or recovery, using 30 lines of code!

1. Sign up/ Sign in on all the platforms you want to use

Discord, Messenger, Slack, Twitter, MessageBird, etc..

See list of Broid’s channels here

2. Sign up/ Sign in to your Broid’s account

Go to and get your access token.

3. Once you got your token, activate your platforms

4. Create a nodeJS project

5. Add the Broid SDK

6. Your ping bot


Here you go! Promise, that won’t be hard to maintain :)

If you have further question, just join our Slack Community, we’ll be happy to help.

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