Integrate a Dozen Messaging Platforms in 5 Minutes

Connecting your bot or app available on multiple platforms can be long and tedious.

Broid allows you to do this very quickly.

1. Sign in on all the platforms you want to implement

Discord, Messenger, Slack, Twitter etc..

2. Create an nodeJS project

$ mkdir mynewapp
$ cd mynewapp && npm init

3. Add the libraries

$ npm i --save broid-twitter \
broid-slack \
broid-twitter \
broid-viber \
broid-line \
broid-kik \
broid-flowdock \
broid-callr \
broid-twilio \
broid-skype \
broid-discord \
broid-messenger \
broid-telegram \
rxjs \

4. Connect your application

Each Broid integration provides you an observable, the first part of the code can look like:

Now your application can connect to all messaging platforms.

5. Listen to incoming messages

Really simple:

At this point, your application can receive all messages coming from theses platforms.

6. Respond to an hello world message

Next we can handle a greeting in your application by responding only to a hello world message.

You can find the code of this tutorial here.

About Broid

Broid Parsers is an open source project providing a suite of Activity Streams 2 libraries for unified communications among a vast number of communication platforms.

Broid wouldn’t be where it is now without contributions by the community. Please consider forking Broid to improve, enhance or fix issues. If you feel like the community will benefit from your fork, please open a pull request on the corresponding repo.

Learn more about Broid’s mission in our Medium article “Hello Word

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