Broken Hearts

This was the third time when Johanna eyes met with Jerry’s. They were curious and captivating. This is the eye and its meaning is what Jerry was searching for a longer time. Those eyes pulled Jerry to explore the heart behind them. But something stopped him from moving to next step.

Jerry after a few more sips of his favorite hootch, finally convinced to get her attention. He went near Johanna and said “Hi”. But her ears were deaf, somehow the signals from her drums took longer route to her brain. After a while, she responded Hello. But still images of she being with John in the same table last weekend were so fresh in her eyes and brain.

Its Friday evening, cafe was filled with love. Everyone came with their partner or expecting for one. Jerry and his friends always end up here on Fridays and usually Jerry will go back alone. For him, Love should come out rather than one night stands.

It is those eyes that made Jerry’s adrenaline to pump. He was never so outspoken and tried to talk with anyone. But all Jerry can feel is the love that came unconditionally towards her. He felt like, she was the missing piece in her life

Jerry’s friends were so surprised to see that Jerry to find someone attractive and making a move.

Johanna remembers her previous visit to that cafe. She never dreamed in her whole life till then, that she will be coming there alone and staring hopelessly. She felt hard to digest that John actually left her and went so far that he will never comeback. Her eyes were getting tired to all those places they sat together.

All Johanna had in her life was John. They were in a relationship for the past few years. She felt complete with John. She never felt comfortable with any other in her life. It took a while for Johanna to accept his love and then they lived happily ever after, till that drastic event happened.

After a lot of failed attempts, Johanna somehow turned towards Jerry and when their eyes meet again, both felt a shock. Johanna and Jerry stare each other for few seconds, still reality kicked in.

Jerry spoke to her like he knew her for many years and he can understand there is a pain in those eyes and looking for a support.

Jerry started, “It will be alright! things will eventually change and life will be as good as before.”

Johanna was shell shocked, these were the same words John said to her when they met first. A drop of tear came out.


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