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Are you like most bloggers that are in full speed of ahead activity? They think that the only way to gain more organic traffic is by writing new blogs regularly. However, in doing so, they completely forget about their older posts. To be a successful blogger and to win this race, not only do you need new content regularly, but you also have to upgrade your old content from time to time. However, there is no need to worry about that because upgrading an old blog is like buying more new clothes. It is a pretty simple process. To learn more about how you can upgrade your blog post read the article.

Importance of Upgrading Your Blog Posts

Many people question why they should upgrade their posts once they have successfully uploaded them? There are multiple reasons to bring your old posts that got buried in the depth to the light. Have you ever heard about the term working smart rather than rather? Upgrading your old posts is also similar. By upgrading your old successful posts, you can easily gain more traffic as well as rank higher on Google SEO ranking. Consequently, you will have more social media shares and can even earn more money.

The biggest reason why you bother upgrading your old content is that Google always prefers and values freshness. To show the results of certain queries, search engines always need to show new information. Therefore, if your blog is upgrading, it will again gain organic traffic, which is like oxygen for any blog post. Let’s explain this by an example. Suppose you posted a blog back in 2012 about who won the Superbowl. However, anyone searching in 2020 won’t be interested in the 2012 winner; instead, they want to know about the most recent winner. Similarly, when people are searching for the best cameras, they want to know about recent trends in the market.

Did you notice the word recent in these examples? It clearly states that organic traffic always prefers the freshness of the content. Therefore, apart from publishing new content as a blogger, you must bring out your old content from the shadow to gain more traffic and to rank high in SEO.

How to Choose Which Post to Update

Once you have agreed on updating your post, its time to decide which post you need to update, you will have a lot of old posts, but not all of them need upgrading and republishing. To decide about the post, you need to consider certain variables:

● Find Out Your Top-Performing Posts:

To decide which post needs upgrading, you have to focus on its analytics. These are:

Inbound Links: According to SEO experts, one of the most important metrics to look at in a blog post is its inbound links. Decide the post that has a lot of inbound links.

Traffic: We all write posts to have a lot of organic traffic. Therefore, a post with a lot of traffic is automatically considered successful. Look in a one-month time frame that how much traffic comes on a post; thus, choose the post with the most traffic.

Social Shares: Another indicator of a successful and high performing post is the high number of social shares. If a post has a lot of social shares, it will rank high in search rankings. Simply enter the URL of your post into LinkTally and find out about its shares on social sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Keywords: The last indicator of a high performing post is how much support it gets from your keyword strategy. For each post, there are certain keywords that help a post to rank higher than other keywords. You can use any keyword analytic tool to learn about your posts that rank against those keywords.

● Content Relevancy and Trending Topics:

Apart from deciding on a post based on indicators, you have to take into consideration the trending topics and content relevancy. Maybe you have served all your energies in upgrading a post that is not even trending; then all your efforts are in vain. Therefore, always upgrade those blog posts that are certain and are at least supported by trending keywords. If you have found a post that is successful in the past and is also supported by recent trends, then upgrade it without hesitation.

Tips to Upgrade Your Old Blog Posts

After you have concluded the post you want to upgrade, there are certain tips that can help you update them successfully.

1. Keep Your Posts Updated:

Well, you may say that everyone knows about this, and if you came this far, that means you already have this point in your mind. However, the reason for stating it again is to emphasize its importance. Remember that content stays relevant most of the time; however, there are certain things that go stale. Therefore, when refreshing your content, you have to focus on those points. You can add new information regarding the post, change its screenshots if it’s a tutorial, and add all relevant information. Besides, you can also add new information from time to time to keep it updated. Besides, it doesn’t require adding 100 to 200 new words in a blog.

2. Improve Your SEO:

SEO is an important factor in any post, and if you want to give rebirth to your post, focus on its SEO. SEO can help you to again rank your blog higher in search engine ranking. For this, you can emphasize your primary keywords. Add your primary keyword in your title, meta-description, the header tag, and a few times in the content. Then add an alt tag to your images if they don’t have one. Besides, you can also focus on other SEO rules like changing the format or layout and apply them to your post to give it the freshness it needs.

3. Include Internal Links to Newer Content:

Most bloggers ignore internal linking, but it is quite important for a blog. When you add more internal links to your old blog post, it can keep your visitors from moving around your site. Usually, internally linking point backs to the older posts rather than newer and upcoming ones. Therefore, in this way, you are actually diverting your traffic on your older blogs. Apart from adding internal links, you can also add external links to the new and latest research. It can also help to renew your content.

4. Answer Frequently Asked Questions:

You can add a section of frequently asked questions in your older blog post. It will instantly renew your blog post. Because in this way, although your blog is older, it can still include all the recent information. Through FAQs, you can incorporate all the recent information in your blog without doing much. Therefore, whenever people type those questions and queries in the search engine, your post will appear on the top.

Final Words

It is a very simple process to upgrade your blog post, but it comes with outstanding results. By upgrading your old blogs, you can rank higher in search engines and have more traffic but only when you choose a suitable old blog for upgrading. You can upgrade your blog by adding more and new information through internal and external linking or adding FAQs.



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