Ode to Angela

Every once in a while, a news commentator has the ability to captivate audiences and leave lasting marks in the community. Some become household names while others leave familiar faces. The active millennials in the 21st century may’ve just found one of the generation’s greatest commentators and she goes by the name, Angela Rye.

Although Rye has appeared in numerous news headlines for a variety of reasons, her comments in a recent heated CNN segment prompted a myriad of articles, including that of The Grio, a news, opinion, and entertainment site geared toward the Black community.

Recently, former Representative Joe Walsh stood by claims that the bar was lowered for President Barack Obama because he was black, and that comment on Twitter was what had Angela Rye in disbelief when Walsh appeared on CNN.

After continued back and forth via twitter quote tweets, John Walsh tweeted complete foolishness, angering not only Angela, but her over 191k followers as well. It is unsure whether or not Walsh knew what he was getting into or who he was dealing with, but he inevitably messed with the wrong person.

To even acknowledge and respond to Walsh’s comments would be to write a completely separate blog post dedicated to beloved former President Barack Obama. The hypothetical post would be titled something along the lines of, “twice as good for half as much,” and acknowledge the outrageous double standards for persons of color within the political sphere. Unfortunately, variations of such ideas have already been written, but no words or think pieces could do the concept as much justice as those of Angela Rye.

After a long exchange via the internet, Rye was even more confused and rightfully enraged to find herself having to combat Walsh on a live CNN segment. During the clip, Rye defended an idea that many have been trying to explain for years. She mentioned that Black people are often held to a higher standard, “ I am tired of differences being disrespected and mistreated by this White House….I am not talking to bigots, Joe.” The comments got better as time progressed.

“It’s very frustrating and I’m tired of people telling me that black people are beneath a standard when we have to be twice as good all the time.”

This is not the first time Angela’s statements and fearless shutdowns of hateful people have traveled through news waves.

When on a CNN segment during the 2016 election season, Rye got into a heated argument with Trump Campaign Manager, Corey Lewandowski. After asking questions that would require detailed defense of Trump’s ideas and negative statements, Lewandowski declined to answer and attempted to counter attack by asking for Obama’s transcripts from Harvard Law (as if he didn’t go there or participate in a variety of capacities, not that such information was even relevant). Fortunately, Angela didn’t back down and replied with what any ordinary person would, “I am going to Beyoncé you. Boy bye. You are just so out of line right now.” Utilizing Beyoncé lyrics on live television? Iconic.

Since then, Angela has been caught rolling her eyes when people get heated over misinformation or dedicated support of Donald Trump. There’s even a line of reaction gifs and memes dedicated to her numerous facial expressions.

When she’s not serving looks on live TV, Rye can be found serving in roles of CEO for the political advocacy firm, IMPACT or performing political analyses at NPR.

You can stay up to date with all things Angela via twitter and Instagram.