The most unique and detailed BSU football analysis anywhere. An idea from Make Idaho Better.

Cameron Crow
Jan 25 · 2 min read

I founded Make Idaho Better to make Idaho voices heard and make a difference on important state and local issues by making everyone better informed with data. It’s been a huge success.

It’s been such a success, that I want to expand the methodologies for innovative and affordable market research and community engagement into other, more specific subject matter.

Idaho Learns was the first subject-specific site, and it’s focused on parent perspectives on their kids’ education. But I kept thinking about other opportunities as well.

I kept coming back to sports. Fans are constantly looking for updates and interesting content, so maybe that’d be a good fit.

And then I considered my own fan-ness. I’m a big BSU football fan, and I’ve got a group of buddies (Ryan Kinney and Jose Lopez) that are constantly talking about team news. We have a running group chat called “BSU Game Commentary” that we’ve used for years.

It occurred to me that we’re already thinking and talking about this stuff all the time. What if we made it public and leveled up our content to make it more awesome to followers?

The more I thought about it, the more excited I got.

It turns out we all have unique skills to apply to this project. I’m experienced in survey design, collection, and analysis. Jose’s skilled in player and team stats. And Ryan is brilliant with his hot takes. We’d be perfect for this!

I think the types of content we’d produce and share would be the sort of thing that the three of us would be crazy about. So, maybe others would be into it!

I talked to the guys, and they’re all in. We’re giving this a go. Bronco Brief is happening.

Before we have our site up, you can subscribe here. Get ready, Bronco Nation!

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Bronco Brief

The most unique and detailed BSU football analysis anywhere

Cameron Crow

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Bronco Brief

The most unique and detailed BSU football analysis anywhere