Happy Birthday Kabosu! Let’s Bronze The Doge.

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6 min readNov 2, 2022


Artist rendering, with help from DALL-E

Move Over Digital Gold, Doge is Going Literal Bronze.

Kabosu, the Shiba Inu dog behind the world’s most iconic meme — The Doge — is turning 17 on November 2nd. Let’s help Kabosu be remembered forever! We are calling on all Doge lovers to come together to help create a bronze Kabosu statue in her hometown of Sakura, Japan for her birthday!

Over the years, Kabosu and her mama, Atsuko, have enjoyed regular walks through Sakura Furusato Hiroba, a unique park featuring seasonal flowers and a Dutch windmill. It’s about time this sacred place is adorned with Kabosu’s bronze likeness, bringing great fortune to flower fans and memelords alike.

The Sakura City officials are planning a park renovation, providing the perfect opportunity to put a Doge statue onto the blueprint, unveiling it in 2024.

The fundraiser campaign is making a $10,000 donation towards park renovations. The statue itself will cost an estimated $32,069, including podium, transportation and installation costs. It’s an ambitious goal, but she’s worth it!

Let’s rally the Doge community to meme this dream into reality!

The “Bronze The Doge” fundraiser campaign will run from November 2nd (Kabosu’s birthday) through December 6th (Dogecoin’s birthday). We need all paws on deck to make this Dogely dream a reality, and there are many ways to contribute to this epic moment in Doge History.

At the conclusion of the campaign, all donations will be converted into dollars and the leaderboard will be finalized (based on the value of each donation at the end of the campaign). Be sure to follow the leaderboard as the campaign progresses!

  1. Donate $DOG, $ETH, or $USDC directly to the campaign FUNdraiser’s multi-signature wallet by navigating to bronzethedoge.xyz & clicking the “Donate” button or send directly to the multi-sig at: bronzethedoge.eth or 0x633aC73fB70247257E0c3A1142278235aFa358ac.
  2. Donate in Dogecoin through the Dogecoin Foundation’s Bronze The Doge website or send DOGE directly to the FUNdraising address: D8HjKf37rF3Ho7tjwe17MPN8xQ2UbHSUhB
  3. Tip DOGE on Twitter using MyDoge’s tipping feature by tweeting @BronzeTheDoge, e.g “@MyDoge tip @BronzeTheDoge 6.9 Doge”.
  4. Use Rainbow Wallet from Nov 2nd to Dec 6th, to swap for at least 16,969 $DOG ($DOG = tokens representing a piece of the fractionalized original Doge Meme). All fees (0.85%) from swaps performed for $DOG will be donated to Bronzing The Doge. Download Rainbow wallet for iOS or Android to donate swap fees.

Who is organizing this campaign?

This campaign is being spearheaded by the Dogecoin Foundation and PleasrDAO (OwnTheDoge.com), with assistance from MyDoge, Doge Pound, Feisty Doge, Rainbow and other friends and admirers of Kabosu the Doge and Shiba Inus everywhere.

We call upon all additional organizations who innovate in the Doge ecosystem and believe in the Doge to concoct creative FUNdraising strategies to also join this community effort to Bronze The Doge.

Beyond the organizations, we call on all NFT collectors, web3 inhabitants, Reddit lurkers, general memelords, Tesla owners, etc. to contribute and share this campaign far and wide.

Our dream is for the worldwide Doge community to unite in creating a symbol of hope and happiness that will endure for generations to come!

The Rewards!

In addition to being able to tell your great great grandchildren how you helped Bronze The Doge, there are a number of rewards for your contribution.

  • The top 11 Donors will have their ENS or Dogecoin Wallet Address engraved on the Doge Statue plaque and immortalized for all time (Family Friendly ENS names only).
  • All Donors who contribute at least $11 will have their ENS or Wallet Address added to a global registry that will be made into an NFT that lists all the individuals, communities, and organizations who joined together to meme this dream into reality. This will give all contributors the ability to show they were part of this monumental moment in Doge history.
  • Everyone who swaps for $DOG or donates to Bronzing The Doge directly using Rainbow wallet from Nov 2nd to Nov 16th will receive a Doge wallet icon and a chance to win a Pixel of the original Doge Meme!*
You, when you donate and get rewards.

What Happens If It Doesn’t Happen?

We expect the goal of $42,069 will be surpassed with gusto, but sure, fair question.

If for whatever reason, the target isn’t reached by the end of the campaign, OwnTheDoge will look to fill the gap, to ensure Kabosu gets the chance to see her reflection in a shiny bronzed visage.

If disaster strikes and for whatever reason the statue cannot be built/erected in 2024 as planned, or if there are leftover FUNds, we will partner with Atsuko Sato to allocate any potential excess donations we receive to charitable causes such as animal rescue, service animals, or related causes.

And What Happens If It Happens Too Much?

That’s more like it! If we rocket past our goal of $42,069, we will MAKE THE STATUE BIGGER AND BIGGER!

Much giant

That’s right! The more FUNds we receive, THE BIGGER THE DOGE!!! The size of the Doge statue will increase in direct correlation with the amount raised beyond the initial target.

We’ll only run into problems if the GameStop degens pump this campaign FUNdraiser and we end up with a statue that’s bigger than the park. But that would be a great problem to have, and would most certainly add a whole lot of WOW to the world.

Any FUNds left over after the statue has been installed will be donated to a fund for ongoing statue and park maintenance and/or donated with input from Atsuko.

In regard to donation wallet security, the custodians of the multi-signature wallet are seven veteran members of the Doge community listed in the graphic below.

Multi-sig Custodians

The Dogecoin wallet was securely generated offline and has been stored redundantly and securely.

Don’t let this opportunity to be part of the most monumental moment in Doge history pass you by! Help make Kabosu’s 17th birthday one for the ages, and ensure the world’s most famous meme lives forever.

Be sure to follow @BronzeTheDoge, @OwnTheDoge, @DogecoinFdn, @Dogecoin, @Dogecoin_Devs, @PleasrDAO, @rainbowdotme, @TheDogePoundNFT, @NFDtoken, and @kabosumama on twitter, and use #BronzeTheDoge in all tweets and memes regarding Kabosu’s birthday or the FUNdraising campaign to Bronze The Doge!

We need the collective voice of all Doge communities to help create the most monumental statue in all of history! Such Profundity!


Bronze the Doge FUNdraiser Campaign Website: bronzethedoge.xyz

The Campaign Multi-Sig Wallet: 0x633aC73fB70247257E0c3A1142278235aFa358ac

Dogecoin Foundation Bronze the Doge Campaign Website: dogecoin.com/happy-birthday-kabosu-bronzethedoge

@MyDoge Wallet: @BronzeTheDoge (Tip 6.9 DOGE!)

Dogecoin Wallet: D8HjKf37rF3Ho7tjwe17MPN8xQ2UbHSUhB

Media Contact: doyou@bronzethedoge.xyz

Go for gold. Bronze the Doge.

*$DOG tokens represent units of the fractionalized original Doge meme, which was minted as an NFT and sold at auction by Atsuko Sato to PleasrDAO, now known as @OwnTheDoge. Also, you can lock $DOG in The Pixel Portal, and get an NFT in return: an actual Pixel from the actual Doge meme, verified on chain!