Brooks Wells on Planning Landscape Renovations

When it comes to renovations and home care, landscaping is often neglected.

Instead, homeowners prioritize the visual appeal and functionality of the interior, leaving little time and money for the exterior. However, landscaping can be an affordable transformation for the exterior of your home and improve curb appeal significantly. Brooks Wells, the owner and founder of Major League Lawn Care, is the expert in all things lawn related. In this blog, Brooks Wells shares the necessary steps to designing a reliable plan that will help you transform your exterior home dreams into a reality.

Find Inspiration

When designing your home’s front yard and backyard landscape, look for inspiration both in person and online. Check out apps like Pinterest and Instagram to determine what looks suit your style best, and visit home improvement stores to see what’s trending. Drive around your neighborhood to see what other homeowners similar to you are doing with their landscape. Lastly, visit local nurseries and landscape experts to get an idea of budget. After gathering this inspiration, determine what fits best with your home, style, and needs. Think about the theme of your house for both the interior and exterior. You want the colors to match and everything to flow effortlessly.

“Remember that this is an investment,” says Brooks Wells, “so it should be something that you can live with for a while, not just a season.”

Brooks Wellls on sketching landscape designs

Sketching different drafts is an essential part of designing your landscape. Start out by drawing out the outline of your property and including measurements. Play around with the layout of the key larger pieces, such as a garden, trees, patio set, outdoor pizza oven, pool, or a bar. The easiest way to do this is by using online design tools such as SketchUp. Measure the area you want to use for your design and enter the dimensions into your landscape map. Include things you wish to see such as elements of flower beds and patio sets. Take your time and play with different drawings and drafts. Your final landscape draft should have symbols that represent your various garden elements. Ensure that the symbols you form are clear and concise. This sketch will be incredibly valuable when you are explaining what you need to professionals.

Brooks Wells — not all renovation has to be at the same time, you can build a beautiful landscape over the course of multiple small projects.

Planning the costs of landscape renovations

The price of landscaping renovations will depend on the size of the project and the design elements. For example, turf installations can cost homeowners up to $4,000 while landscape curbing can cost about $1,500. Brooks Wells urges house owners to consider the costs of landscape projects before they begin to avoid unexpected fees or unfinished projects. If you’re not committed to spending a large sum all at once, space out your projects, starting with the most expensive or the most tedious task. Not all renovation has to be done at the same time, warns Brooks.

Consulting a Landscape Expert

Whether you want to hire a professional or tackle this project yourself, consulting a landscape expert is extremely important. Not only do they have experience with every type of renovation, says Brooks Wells, they also have run into every problem possible. They can tell you what to look for, what to avoid, and how to spend your money wisely. If you are not hiring anyone to help you with your renovations, compile a list of questions and concerns that you can take to the experts. A landscape expert will help you understand and see the strengths of your property and how to highlight them. If this is your first landscape project, we highly recommend contacting a landscape expert.

Prioritize Your Needs

Focus on the most important concern you have in regards to your property, such as making your space safer for your growing family or fixing specific eyesores. Brooks Wells encourages home owners to keep in mind that all renovations should be done to increase your property’s value. Nonetheless, focusing on the most critical concern will give you confidence and satisfaction in your landscape renovation plans, as well as help you budget your desires.

Carrying out landscape projects without any experience can be a confusing, overwhelming, and lengthy process. As the owner and founder of Major League Lawn Care, Brooks Wells guarantees that following these tips will help you make a reliable plan.