Brooks Wells on Preparing your Lawn for the Fall

It is always surprising how quickly summer turns into fall, especially for families focusing on sending their children back to school.

In the midst of these changes, many homeowners forget about preparing their lawn for the weather changes. By the time summer rolls around again, you want to make sure your yard and or front yard hasn’t been destroyed by months of neglect. Getting in the habit of preparing your lawn for the colder months will ensure that your lawn will stay thick and healthy all year round.

Brooks Wells — soil aeration creates holes in your soil, which allows your grass to grow more healthily by improving absorption of oxygen and water.

Owner and creator of Major League Lawn Care, Brooks Wells, wants to help homeowners improve the quality of their grass in any season. The following is a set of steps from the expert himself on how to maintain a healthy lawn during the fall.

Soil Aeration

In preparation for the fall season, your lawn will benefit significantly from soil aeration. The process involves using tools such as a garden cultivator or lawn aerator to plug holes into your soil while removing lumps of dirt. Soil aeration allows oxygen and water to reach the roots of the grass a lot easier without the obstruction of dirt and weeds. Brooks Wells advises seeking the services of a lawn care service provider to proceed with aerating the soil of larger lawns as it can take a while. Most companies offer a deal on this procedure if others in the neighborhood join in.

Brooks Wells on Weed Control

Take advantage of beautiful summer weather and tend to those pesky weeds before fall comes around. While you are mowing your lawn, avoid cutting over the weeds. Instead, prior to mowing the lawn, tend to each weed separately. Typically, removing weeds with your hands does not extract the stubborn roots, only what is visual above the surface. This means the weeds will grow back. Instead, Brooks Wells recommends purchasing easy to use tools such as the Garant Weeder with Ratchet System. These tools dig down to the roots and remove the entire weed, without putting stress on your body. If you’re using your hands to remove weeds but cannot get the tough ones, apply herbicide respectively.

Rake the Leaves!

During Fall leaves tend to pile up everywhere. Just as you rake up a pile, it’s as if another one has appeared! Unfortunately, raking leaves is very important. When leaves cover your lawn, they prevent oxygen from penetrating the lawn and giving it that healthy glow. Additionally, if wet leaves are left sitting on top of the grass, the fungus will grow and kill the grass, creating dead yellow patches. Remember to recycle your leaves to avoid filling landfills with unnecessary waste.

Brooks Wells on Fertilizing Soil

Keeping your soil fertilized will not only keep your lawn healthy in the present but will guarantee the preservation of its upkeep throughout winter and onto the next summer. You need to fertilize your soil once a year, and the fall season is the best time to do so. Your grass will grow slower through the cold temperatures, but the roots of the grass will not slow down. Applying fertilizer to your soil will give the roots the nutrition needed to maintain your lawn’s healthiness.

A beautiful, healthy lawn all year round can transform your property and increase your curb appeal. Although maintaining your lawn through the colder months does require a lot of preparation and dedication, it is well worth it. Following Brooks Wells tips, you can ensure that your property is in pristine condition no matter the season.