Barack Breaks His Silence

“This is not normal.”

Oh, Obama. Barack Obama’s campaign speech in Orange County, California for congressional candidates seeking to flip the U.S. House may have been unprecedented, but on this week’s episode of BROS FOR AMERICA, 44 breaks his silence and leaves show host and moderator Alex Mohajer and co-hosts Thomas McAbee, Rance Collins, and Daniel Fusselman with more questions than answers.

“What if Hillary Clinton had been elected in 2008 and Barack Obama ran in 2016,” posited Mohajer. By many accounts, Clinton won the popular vote in the 2008 contest between her former rival, the eventual 44th President of the United States.

What if Hillary Clinton had been elected in 2008 and Barack Obama ran instead in 2016?
Host and moderator Alex Mohajer on the September 12th episode of Bros for America

The panelists take issue with Obama’s decision to weigh in on Trump, but only because it should have come sooner. With the United States Senate set to hold a confirmation vote on Brett Kavanaugh on Thursday, the same day that Hurricane Florence is set to make landfall, the panelists are worried that Obama’s speech, a speech which could have had real power in the months leading up to the election and even in the first months of the Trump presidency, may be too little too late.

44 Breaks His Silence

Still, an enormously motivated electorate is standing poised to take back the House and Senate, according to Democratic Strategist Jake Lewis, the guest on this week’s program. He joins the panel to discuss the final round of primary elections — this week, in New Hampshire, where the son of none other than Senator Bernie Sanders was walloped in his bid for Congress — and how recent wins by Stacy Davis and Andrew Gillum are demonstrative of a total blue wave and ultimately, are a part of Hillary Clinton’s legacy.

Shithole of the Week

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