Wednesday Writes: GodSpeed Volume 1 Done

I’ve written about GodSpeed at length on this blog (see here, here, and here). So I’m excited to announce that the first volume of GodSpeed is now complete!

I’ve been sharing excerpts on my IG, but if you want early access to the full volume, here’s one way that you can

Buy me some coffee

I’ve also talked about Ko-fi before, so here’s a quick recap. Like Patreon, people can donate a certain amount of money towards a goal. In the past, I would set a date for poetry project and just do a lot of promotion before putting it on my website. This time around, I want to add an extra incentive and bring my supporters along with me as I complete my third poetry book.

GodSpeed as a whole has no set release date (although I am aiming to publish it in 2020). My goal for this year is to release 3 volumes. Once I reach my goal amount for Volume 1, I will set goals for the other 2.

I’ll need your help in finishing this book. If you have the funds, please consider dropping a few dollars. If not, then share it with someone who loves poetry. With your support, I’ll be one step closer to completing what I believe will be my best work to date.

BTW, I’m doing a series called “Wednesday Writes” on my personal blog. I’ll be sharing some form of written content every Wednesday. Be sure to follow and share what you like.