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Who Should Play the Lead in Space Jam 2?

Come on and slam.

What if I told you, that aliens invaded Earth and hijacked the talent of top NBA superstars, then honed that talent to challenge Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Looney Tunes to a game of basketball? And if the Looney Tunes lose, they become the alien’s slaves forever. Knowing they don’t stand a chance, the Looney Tunes call on the help of only one man: Michael Jordan. Only problem is, he’s retired from basketball and pursuing a career in baseball. Will MJ come out of retirement for just one more game to save the Looney Tunes? No this isn’t a new 30 for 30. This is the synopsis for the live-action/animated/sports/comedy film Space Jam. Space Jam is by no means good movie, but it is great. Space Jam is a cult classic, spawning some of the greatest movie merchandise of all time, one of the greatest Jordan shoes of all time, one of R Kelly’s greatest songs of all time, and is the highest grossing basketball movie of all time. There have been rumors of a sequel to Space Jam ever since it’s release, but now, 20 years later, it might actually happen. So if there really is going to be a Space Jam 2, that brings up one very important question: who should play the lead? Potential director, Justin Lin, thinks it should be LeBron, but the original alien stopper himself, Michael Jordan, thinks it should be someone else. So let’s take a look at some potential candidates for who should play the Looney Tunes next savior.



LeBron seems like the obvious pick here. He’s the best basketball player on Earth right now, and he’s been in a feature film already. He also signed a deal with Warner Brothers, who owns the right to Looney Tunes and made the first Space Jam. It almost seems like a no-brainer he plays this role. However, if you saw Trainwreck, or any of his other commercials, LeBron really wants to be an actor and takes it very seriously. What made Space Jam work was that everyone was in on the joke. MJ and the other NBA players knew they couldn’t act, and the supporting actors, like Bill Murray and Wayne Knight, hammed it up. I’m afraid if LeBron is the star role, he’ll take it too seriously and over-act, and take away from what made Space Jam so fun.

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Kobe is another very popular option. He’s newly retired, so they can use that angle to have Kobe come back for “just one more game”. Plus, having Kobe would make Space Jam 2 not just popular in the US, but internationally too(mainly China). He’s even got some acting chops, specifically in playing basketball to stop an evil boss. But I think right now isn’t the best time for the Mamba. He’s too busy prepping for a new baby girl, getting slimed, and building his new brand, Kobe, Inc. But if this was 10 years ago, trust me, Kobe would’ve been a lock.


KD is also pretty popular. And he’s already been in a basketball movie. He was the star of Thunderstruck. Wait, you’ve never seen it? Or even heard of it? Neither did anyone else, so yeah that’s gonna be a no for me dog.

Jeremy Lin?

Jeremy Lin starred in his own version of Space Jam, but with popular “anime characters” instead of the Looney Tunes. So he’s got the experience working with cartoons, that means he’s got to be in the running right? Nope. SPOILER ALERT: he misses the final shot and blows the game for our beloved Goku, Naruto, Sailor Moon, and Yu-Gi-Oh. Clearly Linsanity isn’t clutch enough to save our Looney Tunes.

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“Coming this summer: Space Jam 2 starring Stephen Curry”. You can almost smell the money being printed. Space Jam was a huge success because it appealed to kids. And kids LOVE Steph Curry. They love Minions, Pokemon GO, and Steph Curry. Just think about all those ancillary rights. Steph Curry Space Jam jerseys, toys, clothes, video games, apps, literally anything and everything. A Space Jam Under Armour Curry 2 Low PE might even save those wack-ass shoes. You make it, kids will want it. Kids want it, parents will buy it. It’s that simple. And you wouldn’t need to hire actors to play his family. Ayesha, Riley, and Ryan will gladly play his on-screen family just as gladly as they plays his family IRL.


Blake Griffin?

Finally, it’s the GOAT’s pick. Now I know what you’re thinking. “He’s just saying that because he’s a Jordan Brand guy.” Yeah he may be a Jordan Brand guy, but MJ is actually onto something. For those of you who are unaware, Blake Griffin is the best and funniest actor in the entire NBA. Don’t believe me? Watch his Kia commercials. Or his hilarious skit with Drake at the ESPY’s. Or his cameo in Broad City. Or any of his Funny or Die skits, including one where HE LIVE READS THE SCRIPT OF SPACE JAM AS MICHAEL JORDAN! All those commercials were just practice for this moment. He’s even in a commercial where he has a dunk contest against a Looney Tune! It pretty much writes itself. This is the role that Blake Griffin was born to play. And the best thing about Blake is that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. That’s where his comedy comes from. He gets the joke that’s trying to be told, and has the natural ability to go with it, rather than forcing it and ruining the joke. Blake grew up loving Space Jam, so who better to star in the sequel than someone who still loves it all these years later?

If making money is what you’re after, then Steph is your guy. But if potentially making an actually funny movie is your goal, then you have to go with Blake. And the players to have their talent stolen would obviously be from the Warriors or the Clippers. But for what it’s worth, the players who I would choose to have their talent stolen are Boogie, CP3, Draymond, PG, and Jimmy Butler. You can’t go wrong with Steph or Blake, but if I had to choose, I would go with Blake because he would make a better, funnier leading man. But no matter who the star of Space Jam 2 is, it’s going to be one tall task to capture the same magic that Space Jam did. And I can’t wait.