My 300 Pound Sex Life

Fat girls get laid too

Brown Sugar
Feb 16 · 4 min read
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People are always amazed that overweight people have sex.

I mean, considering the size of Americans these days, one would think people would realize that, since there are babies still being born, there are plenty of fat people getting it on.

To illustrate my point, a couple of years back, Usher, the R&B singer, was sued for knowingly passing herpes on to his sexual partners. One of the first women to sue him was a lovely young woman who happened to be fat, and I don’t mean pleasantly plump.

Social media became a feeding frenzy that continuously questioned the truthfulness of her story, because clearly usher, who could have any woman he wanted, wouldn’t sleep with this fat chick regardless of how cute she was.

As a big woman myself, I took offense to the internet’s reaction to the news that Usher slept with a fat woman. Big girls have sex too. Good sex. Nasty, low down dirty sex. And no one should be surprised that a big woman could snag a sexy, famous, and rich man to roll around in the hay with.

I’ve always been big

Stocky is what I was or, me being a southerner, they called me “healthy,” which is southern speak for she’s big, but not big big.

Similar to Whitney Thore from my Big Fat Fabulous Life, I was a dancer.

Unlike her, I never had an eating disorder and enjoyed the excellent southern cooking that made up my childhood. Dance kept me in shape, though never skinny, and I was okay with that.

Unfortunately, college happened, and my Freshmen 15 turned into the Freshman 105. After months of doctor visits for other symptoms, I was finally diagnosed with PCOS.

Anyone who has been diagnosed with PCOS knows how hard it can be to maintain your weight. And while it wasn’t responsible for all of my 105-pound weight gain, it definitely made it difficult to lose the weight.

While I wasn’t pleased to be so heavy, it didn’t do anything to damper my self-esteem or sex life. I will say that I have a natural hourglass figure and (fat aside) I am conventionally pretty. The new weight just meant I brought a little more with me to the bedroom.

I’m hella flexible and freaky

I’ve never had a problem getting a man and never had to worry about being someone’s little fat secret. Since I’m in the south, where everyone is big, being a big pretty woman isn’t a bad thing. No one looks at you and thinks: I’m not going to take her home; she’s too big for me.

No, around these parts, they are trying to figure out how to get you home, feed you, and get you into bed. I am always willing to oblige with the food and the sex.

Conventional wisdom says fat girls are shy about getting their freak on. That we are ashamed of our fat bodies and only do it with the lights out and t-shirts on.

Well, I’m here to tell you that is not the case.

I like it with the lights on or off. Love to get it from the back with a man who knows how to slap this fat ass properly. I will take a man and his girlfriend for a ride they will never forget and will ride a fella if he’s big enough (no small fellas please, I am 300lbs after all) until he’s calling my name begging for release.

Back when I was 220, I had a rather handsome six foot three 250 pounds of muscle fella who liked to pick me up during sex. To say I miss him would be an understatement.

And finally, nothing is better than having a man bury his face between these fat thighs. I’m not ashamed of my body, and I refuse to date anyone who would be ashamed of it either. Hell, I’ve even dressed up in rubber a time or two, but that’s a story for another day.

In the end, you have to love yourself

We have to dispell the notion that it is only the skinny and conventionally attractive women who have fulfilling sex lives.

I may want to lose weight, but it doesn’t mean I have to hate myself in the meantime. It doesn’t mean I have to deny myself pleasure because I have a few extra rolls here and there.

There is no shame in embracing your size and your libido. There is no need to hide because your naked comes with a lot more skin than the average woman. Embrace your fat and your sex life. I do all the time, and I’m happy and satisfied because of it.


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