What is Browsed?

Sitesh Shrivastava
Jan 31, 2016 · 2 min read

A theory on making people authentic on internet.

Man is by nature a social animal.

In contrast to other living beings, We don’t just need to be with other people but, we choose to be with someone for a reason. It may be for a companion, a family member, a colleague, a friend or, a teacher or, one of the zillion other things. This want is further strengthened by a never ending quest for understanding fellow beings to explore something beyond together.

We often come out on the other end of this journey as a little improved version of ourselves. This experience is gratifying yet a humbling experience. This might be the reason we have always been looking to improve the ways to reach out, to connect and, to understand others. Our medium of communication might have changed but, the crux of it remains the same. It is the same underlying reason we travelled seas, created societies, invented electronics and are building internet.

Present age is, by far, the best time to accomplish these wants yet, most people are plagued by several cons that come along the way.
People are finding it easier to connect online rather than in-person. Relationships seem less genuine and more transactional. There is information overflow but, so few ideas.

The idea behind Browsed is based on such questions like:

  • What if world was made more transparent?
  • What if technology allowed people to show others what they really think while not being confrontational simultaneously?
  • What if essence of ideas could be extracted from the information overflow in your social network?
  • What if you were free from ‘fear of missing out’?
  • What if you could relate to people in your network better offline after knowing them online?

Browsed is just getting started and will only grow from here onwards. It has long road ahead but, I’m excited about what the future holds for this project!

Originally published at browsed.online on February 1, 2016.


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