4 More Browser Extensions That Are Crazy Useful

These 4 Extensions will keep anyone entertained.

1. GamingWonderland

When I get a moment free from my kids, it’s nice to be able to relax and unwind. My favorite way of taking a moment for myself is to play some quick and fun games on my computer. Right now I’m addicted to Candy Rain 3 (kind of like Bejeweled but way better!). Before that, it was Bubble Shooter. I usually play these on GamingWonderland.

GamingWonderland, lets you find any game quickly and easily. It’s got the best puzzle, casual and arcade games, perfect for when you’ve got just a moment. It also works with Facebook so you can challenge your friends to beat your high score!

Get GamingWonderland HERE.

2. Bring Me Sports

I love watching sport. You name it — Football, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, Soccer. But catching every game is hard if you don’t have those expensive cable channels or official streaming service. So I started looking for a better way to watch live sports. I just wanted something free, easy and convenient. That’s when I found Bring Me Sports.

I love Bring Me Sports. I can watch live sports from ESPN, NBC and other major channels with just a single click! Combined with being able to easily check scores and run my fantasy teams, I’m hooked on it. The best part about the extension? It’s absolutely free!

Get Bring Me Sports HERE.

3. Listen to the Radio

When you live in a rural area, sometimes it can be hard to find a radio station to listen to. My family lives in an area that is at least a half an hour from large towns and that means our radio reception isn’t the best. That’s why I was so glad to discover Listen to the Radio.

With the Listen to the Radio extension, you can find the music that you want quickly and easily. It will tell you the local radio stations in your area, it will give you recommendations, and you can even save your favorites. Nothing could be easier!

Get Listen to the Radio HERE.

4. AtoZ Manuals

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no handyman. When something is broken at home, I call a repairman to fix it. But somethings looked like I could do myself after seeing how easy the fix was. What was I paying all this money for? So I decided to start saving money by doing repairs around the house, and that’s when I discovered AtoZ Manuals.

AtoZ Manuals is the easiest place to find the manual for everything in your home. You can look for manuals by category, brand or model. No more leaky sinks or TV remotes not working in my house! It feels good to not have to deal with these minor inconveniences anymore!

Get AtoZ Manuals HERE.