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Instructions for deploying token upgrade contracts

1) Go to the following address:

2) Connect your wallet:

3) Download the ABI TokenUpdaterFactory

- Click “From link” :

- In the “Link to JSON ABI:” field, write: “"

- click Submit

4) In the “Contract address” field, write: “0:992d790ee8aadd1f2a3b41a392a55a1fd00a8dcafbb0fd29444e0ad7c458d526” and click on “Search”

5) Scroll down to the “createUpdater” block on the right column and expand

6) In the form that opens up, enter the following:

callId — leave this unchanged

oldRoot — enter the address of the old token

updaterOwner — enter the address that can take ownership of the new token once the update is complete. If you want to completely reject further token emmissions in the future, for the updateOwner field enter Black Hole

name, symbol and decimals — fill in the same way you would for the old token

burnByRootDisabled — check this box

burnPaused — leave unchanged

remainingGasTo — enter the address you connected from

Enter 10 EVER as the gas amount :

click send and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

7) Now you have to scroll up to the top of the page and wait.

In the column on the left, your transaction will appear. Locate the block with “UpdaterCreated” in it:

Make sure that this is your transaction and save the address.

8) Prepare a pull request here: and add to main.json the following element:


“symbol”: “<symbol>”,

“logoURI”: “<icon url>”,

“rootV4”: “<old token root address>”,

“rootV5”: “<new token root address>”,

“proxy”: “<updater address>”




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