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Instructions for transferring liquidity and upgrading to the new dex

To transfer your liquidity to our new FlatQube DEX which supports the new token standard, you need to go through a few simple steps:

  1. Go to, open your farming pool and withdraw your LP-tokens. Here's the instruction —

2. Go to, select the tokens that make up your pair and enter the required amount for conversion and press “Confirm.” After confirmation in the wallet, your LP tokens will be converted into previously staked tokens. So, they’ve already been in your wallet.

3. Go to the new FlatQube DEX and connect your wallet.

4. The site will ask you to upgrade your tokens. For each token you need to send a transaction (confirm one in your wallet).

5. For upgrading WTON to Wrapped EVER you need to:

5.1 Go to and unwrap WTON

5.2 Go to the new WEVER site and wrap your EVER to WEVER

6. Add liquidity on FlatQube DEX and choose your pair

6.1 For the first time, because you haven’t created an account on FlatQube before, it will ask you to do so. It will deploy the contract through your EVER Wallet — you just need to confirm the transaction and pay the network gas fee.

6.2 Now you need to establish a connection between your account and the pool. Here the algorithm is the same: click “Connect”, confirm the transaction in your EVER Wallet and wait for a bit until it finishes.

6.3 Input the amount of both tokens that you are going to provide. Please pay attention that the amount may affect the exchange rate. So, deposit each token separately (like it is shown on the screen below). Once the balance on the account is sufficient, the system will allow you to supply liquidity by pressing the “Supply” button. After you’ve done everything, you will get a Supply receipt, which will confirm that you have successfully supplied liquidity and specify the amount of LP tokens you got in return.

7. Go to Farming on the new FlatQube DEX, open the farming pool and deposit your new LP-tokens.

8. After 120 days, go back to and claim your unlocked reward. Repeat steps 3–7.



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