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What are crypto indexes and crypto funds? 🤔

The rapid development of the cryptocurrency market attracts more and more people to invest in digital currencies, many of whom do not understand blockchain technologies at all. These users have free money, a desire to invest it profitably, and a lot of questions about the new financial system. How long will the price of cryptocurrencies continue to grow? Isn’t it too late to invest? How to invest funds correctly? In the wake of global interest, specialized funds that provide digital capital management services to clients have become widespread.

Investment funds allow investors to invest their funds with minimal risk since professional traders distribute investment capital. Until recently, in the cryptocurrency space, there were mainly investment funds operating on the principle of hedge funds. However, in recent times, cryptocurrency index funds have become increasingly popular. Let’s take a brief look at what both are doing.

💭 What are crypto funds?

Cryptocurrency funds are organizations that take control of private investors’ money for trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. Most of them appeared in 2017 — it was during this period that the peak in the growth of Bitcoin popularity came.

Cryptocurrency funds come in various forms. Hedge funds manage investor assets and receive a certain percentage for this. Most of them do not provide the ability to withdraw funds before the deadline specified in the contract. Mutual funds clients` total capital forms a single fund, and investors receive a share in the fund according to the investments.

ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) is a form of exchange-based investment tool where one or more cryptocurrencies are used as the underlying asset. ETN (Exchange Traded Notes) is another form of exchange-traded investment instrument. An exchange note is a debt obligation of a bank whose value is tied to the price of an index. Unlike an ETF, the bank that issued the ETN is not required to purchase the underlying asset to provide notes; its only obligation is to pay the dividends to the investor at the end of the note’s validity period.

💭 What are crypto index funds?

Investing in index funds is a low-cost passive investment style that combines low commissions, better or equal returns, and low operating costs. Crypto index funds provide investors with an easy way to buy profitable cryptocurrencies. They allow them not to monitor the situation in the cryptocurrency market. Instead, index funds manage their clients’ investment portfolios for them.

Cryptocurrency index funds work just like any other index fund you can invest in. In fact, this is the same as buying shares in a traditional fund. The Crypto index fund consists of a basket of various cryptocurrencies. You do not invest in any of them but transfer funds to the management of the fund. The fund invests your money in cryptocurrencies, which it considers the most promising.

The fund takes a commission for its services. It is either deducted from your income or immediately calculated from the deposit.

💭 Okay, great! But for a start, I need to buy some cryptocurrency. Where can I get bitcoin quickly and easily?

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