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What to Buy with Crypto: Cafe & Food Delivery 🍕

We continue our series of mini-articles on the topic of what you can buy for cryptocurrency. Okay, let’s see what is available to crypto enthusiasts among cafes, restaurants, and food delivery services.

Fast food restaurants are known to everyone and located everywhere. You’re always familiar with a menu, and in some situations, this choice is the best. Which of them are ready to feed you for cryptocurrency?

🔹 Starbucks

In 2019, news repeatedly appeared that Starbucks was about to begin accepting cryptocurrency for payment, but the company itself did not confirm this information. Nevertheless, today in the USA, in the network of famous coffee houses, you can pay with cryptocurrency through the Flexa payment gateway in the Spedn application. According to Flexa, today, using the Spedn app, you can pay with cryptocurrency in such chain restaurants as Baskin Robbins, Caribou Coffee, and Jamba Juice, as well as on Amazon’s Whole Foods Market. The company expects that in 2020 the network of trading platforms connected to the application is going to grow to hundreds of them.

🔹 Subway

A delicious sandwich with a filling of your choice can be bought for bitcoins at Subway restaurants around the world, paying for the purchase right at the checkout. Subway was a pioneer in this endeavor — the first restaurants took this option onboard back in 2013.


KFC Canada launched the Bitcoin payment option in early 2018. Then it was more a PR move since it was impossible to pay with cryptocurrency at the box office, and there was only one set available for purchase. The action was not very popular then and was closed. However, a year later, a chain of fast-food restaurants announced the beginning of Dash payments acceptance in its branches in Venezuela. The day KFC made this announcement, Dash exchange rate rose from $ 64 to $ 99.

🔹 Burger King

The German branch of the Burger King restaurant chain began accepting bitcoins in 2019. It is not the first company’s attempt to support the cryptocurrency ecosystem. In 2017, in Russia, Burger King also tried to introduce a similar option, but due to protests by local regulators, the idea had to be abandoned. Instead of paying with bitcoins, Burger King launched its token, which could be used to pay for one of the burgers on the menu.

🔹 Pizza

It would be strange if it wasn’t impossible to buy pizza for cryptocurrency because it was the pizza that became the first product purchased for bitcoins ever. Pizzaforcoins service allows you to buy flavorful pizza from the largest pizza chains such as Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, and others for 50 types of cryptocurrencies. The service is integrated with the Shapeshift platform through which payments pass. Pizza can be ordered with home delivery or pick up options.

Today, during the coronavirus epidemic, ordering food with delivery is as relevant as ever: no need to leave your home and put yourself at risk. When paying for an order with cryptocurrency, you also avoid contact with paper money, which also carries the infection.

🔹 Takeaway

The largest restaurant and café food delivery chain accepting crypto is Takeaway. It is a startup from the Netherlands that has scaled quite well and currently serves customers in 10 European countries: the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, Luxembourg, Romania, and Bulgaria. Also, there are Takeaway subsidiaries in Israel and Vietnam.

Perhaps the secret to the success of the service lies in its flexibility. In essence, it not only allows you to choose dishes from a vast number of partner restaurants but also has the option of paying with bitcoins and several altcoins. Payments are made through the Bitpay payment gateway. Today, cryptocurrency payments are supported by German, Dutch, Belgian, Swiss, and Austrian sites.

🔹 Shuttledelivery

In South Korea, you can order food to your home using Shuttledelivery. The service operates in Seoul and its suburbs, and here a wide range of world cuisines is available to order — from traditional Asian to exquisite European. The service interface is also available in English, so almost anyone can use it. Shuttledelivery accepts BTC and BCH for payment.

🔹 OrderTakeaways

In the UK, the popular OrderTakeaways delivery service with more than 50,000 restaurants onboard has also accepted bitcoins since 2018.

Cryptocurrency infrastructure is developing and growing every day. More and more restaurants and cafes around the world accept cryptocurrency for payment. If you want to find a suitable place nearby where Bitcoins are accepted, you can see this information on and

Bitcoin can be bought using the Broxus Bot service. Perhaps today it is the fastest and easiest way to buy bitcoin by credit card online. All you need is a Telegram messenger and a few minutes. Try it, and you will like how everything is arranged here.



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