About me

According to ZD Net, I’m one of the ten female tech innovators you should know in Brazil.
Linkedin: /brubittencourt
Facebook: /brubittencourt
Twitter: @brubittencourt
E-mail: eu@brubittencourt.com
  • Passionate Entrepreneur;
  • Formerly founder and CEO: queroo.com and emotion.me;
  • Marketing whizz;
  • +Innovators Fellow and Mentor;
  • Startup Weekend Organizer and Mentor;
  • Christian (loving people, loving life);
  • Married to AMF;
  • Runner (5 half marathons, 1 marathon, heading to an ultra marathon);
  • Foodie (I love to try different dishes and recommended places)
  • Feminist #Herspect

Curious fact about me: My husband proposed me on Twitter in 2010 using the hashtag #BrunaDigaSim that ended up on Trending Topics.

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