5 second waterfall

A mystery sound puzzle. During a dinner party, we heard a loud sound in our backyard that sounded like big waterfall. But our creek was not gushing and the sound only lasted for 5 seconds. Any guesses?

Hint 1: It was not flock of angry killer birds, although we have seen a few baby birds that look pretty angry:

We had 2 nice visits, the first from Helen’s good friend Olga:

The 2nd from Aya and Eric:

They are a high tech couple … it takes 4 computers to keep them going:

Hint 2: This helped create the mystery waterfall sound:

Zach finished his nursing program! He looks pretty dapper in a bow tie, but I doubt he will be using it much when he starts boot camp in August:

The big news (old news for many of you) from grand-baby land is Max is expecting a baby brother end of July!

Max now knows about 1000 works, 70% english and 30% Mandarin. Nick created an excellent video of his 2nd year:

This was his first year:

I did a much less engaging video comparing a couple of WiFi routers:

Last, and lame, hint: These guys, while they do live in our backyard, they are usually pretty quiet, so you can exclude them from the loud sound mystery:

Recent rains have given us some pretty, but unfortunately poisonous, mushrooms:

That mystery sound came from a large 2'+ diameter tree falling down:

It trashed one of my trails, but fortunately missed our power line.

Closing with some forest flowers.