A $2000 garlic bud

This garlic bud started sprouting and ended up costing us $2000!

Helen decided we should plant it, but we didn’t have any flat spots to build a garden with, so we decided to build a terraced garden. I clicked some internet-ed buttons and ordered $1k of bricks and soil which showed up today:

In the process I found an almost flat spot and figured it was a good excuse for a $1k 8'x12' shed. I prepped for it today, it should arrive in a few weeks, in a box of about 400 parts:

Tune in next month to see if I can follow assembly instructions!

We lost our leaves this month. Here is a photo from 12/1:

And another photo from 12/31:

We built the Russian tortoise an inside pen:

After experimenting with $100+ for every conceivable fruit and vegetable, Helen finally figured out what it likes to eat (endive, radish leaves, and romaine lettuce):

I started on the basement flooring project, ripped up the doggy stained carpet and disposed of an old un-used fridge:

Now debating flooring options: stained or epoxied cement, or tiled flooring:

We took the Amtrak train to Helen’s yearly medical conference, this year in New Orleans:

A very fun and festive town!

We met up with Aya and Eric there. Eric taught us how to run the penny slot machines:

Back home we replaced Helen’s makeshift standing desk with a fancy motorized stand:

Closing with a brain ice cube Helen made out of various spices. Pop it into your drink for an extra special experience :)