A Black and White issue

I finally convinced Helen that our dark red and brown kitchen would be better in white. A mid-project photo:

Rather than go all white, we gambled a bit and decided to be Panda-fied it with a black trim.

Left photos are before, middle photos are the left photos magically gimp-ed white to see what it would look like, the right photo is the after:

Turned out great! So much brighter now:

Next up was the renovated bedroom:

Last was the living room:

I got lazy and hire some pros. Those tall ladders are scary:

Bottom 2 photos are the after. Is interesting to see the ‘Alabaster White’ color changes under different lighting conditions:

I also hired pros to fix a couple of leaks in slate roof. That roofer on the left is likely the only slate certified roofer in the state. His hammer is a 80 years old!

Speaking of scary projects, we re-potted our 30 year old bonsai tree, fingers crossed for a recovery:

Trying to be true Alabaman’s, we went to a college football game:

Had a dinner party. It is easy to spot dog lovers:

Did a video on how to display videos:

Went to a Florida beach the weekend of hurricane Irma. Doggies swam for their lives:

Actually, we had great weather and left just before the storm landed:

Enjoyed the white sand beaches:

We met Bantik’s twin sister, another 4 year old black and white Coton-de-Tulear:

These bugs somehow defy the laws of physics and have sex while flying around stuck together butt-to-butt:

Found the perfect spider to complement our new black and white paint scheme, the spiny-backed orb-weaver:

Closing with a backyard snake, the Black Speckled King. He is giving me that ‘better stay back, I am poisonous’ look, but I found out later he is not supposed to be. I didn’t test it.