Alabama is Springing

Trying out a new blogging platform, Let me know if any of you have problems with it.

We are very much enjoying spring in the South East. Doggy is eating all kinds of new green stuff:

Seems every yard, including ours, has Azaleas of all colors:

In my geek video this month I did a gender hack on our Amazon Echo, adding some IBM Watson DNA:

I found a couple of mystery items in our yard. Care to hazard a guess?

No, not a peanut. Answers below…

Found all kinds of critters. This is a common water snake. The round, not stilted, eyes tells us he is not poisonous. The trick is getting close enough to see his eye … by the time you get close enough to tell, you are out of luck if it is not round:

We met this guy a few months ago, the carpenter bee. Apparently our deck and roof are prime hookup spots. Several million of them hang out there till they bump into each other and literally hook up and spiral up to the heavens together:

Occasionally I swat one down with a badminton racket. Then they get all mad and give me this mean ‘I know where you live’ look:

But then I find him a nice bed of grass to lie on and he is happy … or possibly dead:

And birds to go with the bees:

This plant is all set for the next downpour in his little ark:

Ants are hard to photograph, as they never stand still. This is about my 100th try:

Snails, on the other hand, are easy … recognize his eye stalk?

The other mystery photo is on the head of this caterpillar. I suspect it is his/her spinneret:

Unlike an ant, he loves to pose:

Lots of small, colorful spiders:

And overseeing all of them is doggy, every on the lookout for his his nemesis, the squirrel:

Our breakfast spot. I’ve worn Dad’s red sweater practically every day this winter/spring. Probably should wash it:

Our fish-less fish tank has evolved, now with multicolored lights and glass fish, which we have not managed to kill yet:

That big glass diamond was the centerpiece at Nick and Chloe’s wedding:

Our doggy hair cutting technique. Rather chaotic, but usually no blood:

A birthday party dinner for Irina:

She really wants to feed doggy table food … not allowed under my watch:

But doggy is patient and ever hopeful.