Armadillos and spider food

We had a brief visit from 3 cute baby armadillos:

The forest had a few other interesting creatures this month. We discovered that newts (salamanders) like to play with bees.

These two can bite! That little one is only 1/8" across, but my finger discovered that it has very effective pinchers. I don’t know what it is carrying on it’s top. Looks like a camouflage composed of past combatant body parts:

A bee, a lightning bug, and a spiky tree seed:

These black dragonflies are flighty and hard to photograph. They slow down a bit during sex. Their combined bodies kind of make the shape of a heart!

I spent countless hours with spiders this month:

I tried feeding them lots of different things. Cockroaches worked, snails did not (he tried, but the snail was too slippery):

That wasp didn’t work either (too heavy), but it did give my finger a nasty sting!

This video was tricky, as it requires light which the nocturnal barn spider did not like. But I lured him into it with a big juicy cockroach:

In less spidery projects, I repainted the downstairs bathroom, and fixed a wobbly toilet:

Installed a swing on top of our hill:

Replaced part of our wood railing with cable railing:

Closing with some flowers and a red cardinal. Took a while to photograph this guy, seems the more color a bird has, the more scared they are of cameras!