Cat Squid

Nature created some art on one of our rock cliffs. Blur your eyes a bit and you can see cat head on an octopus body:

I’m assuming it is some sort a rock stain. If instead it is a prehistoric painting, then I am glad I am not living in prehistoric times, populated with cat-squids!

I’m much happier with the current wildlife, like these guys:

Our box turtle survived the winter, much Helen happiness/relief:

The azalea bushes and dogwood trees are in bloom:

I’m started playing around with Bonsai. I started with some small plants:

That inspired me to harvest a few bigger trees from the forest. This tree’s roots were so excited to see the sun, it tried to fly away:

But it could not break away from my manly muscles:

I got a new toy to help build my manly muscles:

And Helen found me some fuel for my manly muscle furnace, a carrot on steroids. Figured it is a safe way to get steroid-ed muscles :)

The lily ponds are continuing to propagate. Here is pond number 4 before and after:

And pond 5:

The latest trail segment goes under a snaking log:

Closing with a couple flower photos. Thinking of you Dad.