Coyote hunting

Coyotes have moved into the neighborhood. Some of our backyard creatures are scared:

Others are defiant:

Others are peacefully oblivious:

I used the coyote invasion as an excuse to setup more cameras in the forest:

And I caught him!

Also caught some possums and an armadillo:

For catching birds, I put the camera close to the feeder:

Then use a remote control and then wait for them to smile:

I had fun with a power washer, cleaning steps and sidewalk at Irina’s still un-sold house:

Back home, we were planing on replacing some worn bathroom vanities when I discovered that you can re-surface them with a special paint:

It has embedded rock chips that give it a quartz like finish:

I wired up our creek fountains so I can talk to them:

Closing with one more bird photo. I don’t think he liked me.