Crab fight!

We took a long weekend to the gulf where we met a friendly blue heron:

I suspect he/she was a super-model on break, as she/he struck some poses:

We also met a crab, who was crabby. Helen decided his disposition earned him a trip to our kitchen, but he was not very cooperative:

Helen won the battle, but the crab drew some blood:

His last photo shoot:

Not too busy this time of year, still warm enough to be swim-able (barely).

Our rental was 50' from the ocean!

Several times we had the beach to ourselves for a mile in each direction:

Back home, I gave my little electric chainsaw a workout:

This 30" diameter tree is about the limit for my little 18" saw:

Helen loves her carbonated water, but got frustrated filling up the little 1 lb soda-stream bottles at $15 a refill. So I bought a 20 lb tank and filled it up at the local welding supply store (when making metal arc welds, CO2 is used to shield the weld from air impurities) for $14!

If you happen upon me hiking through the forest while touching and talking to my pocket, there is an explanation:

Plants have moved back inside. We are at peak fall color here:

The bears are enjoying the scenery from their perches:

There is one tree trunk here (top of photo), all the rest are vines that grew up with the tree:

This is a beautiful section from an old, rotting tree trunk:

This is a vine trunk that borrowed my camera to take a selfie:

The box turtle is (hopefully) hibernating. Helen brought the store bought Russian tortoise inside for the Winter.

Obligatory bug photo: