I have a new way of listening to podcasts when I’m trail running: Bluetooth speaker in a fanny pack. Helen had a $500 one she loaned me for a while, then I discovered there are cheap $10 versions. You can probably guess which one I prefer:

Speaking of cheap, my shoes only last about 2 months, 3 if I send them to life extension surgery:

Speaking of extension, my latest trail extension, before and after:

We had a great visit with some friends from Boston:

We took them down to the gulf:

Doggies enjoyed many miles of sand:

Helen enjoyed many miles of shell collecting:

She also enjoyed feeding many miles of sea gulls:

We found a few fish:

And one expired sea turtle:

We sealed him up, took him home, and left him out in the forest. Critters cleaned him out in just one night:

Had some neighbors over for dinner and a trail hike. The 3 boys enjoyed wrestling with our big bear:

I installed drip irrigation for the garden and bag potatoes:

Finally, it wouldn’t be a complete blog post unless there was another pond … number six!

I think I have room for one more pond, then I promise to stop :)