Mail Order Frogs

We dumped 20 mail ordered tadpoles into our Lilly pond last month, then never saw them again. But magically, this week, some bullfrogs started showing up:

Now we need to figure out what to feed them. I asked this guy, but he said no thanks, he was just visiting us on a short term tourist visa and had to fly home:

So then I asked this guy, who we found on our way to the hottub the other night, and he said he would be happy to go ask the frogs what they eat:

Turns, after doing some research, we discovered he is a poisonous baby copperhead, a rattlesnake relative. Fortunately we used tongs instead of fingers to move him.

We really enjoyed our trip to Seattle for the pig roast:

I enjoyed the visits with family more than I did visiting the pig:

We rented out a ‘castle’, replete with a home theater and hot tub:

Chloe got a bunch of really great photos:

She has bunch more here:

Here is a two minute video recap:

Also did a 3 minute video of Mom and Mikayle’s visit:

One last video showing the pond build. Sorry for the singing …

I’ve been strangely enjoying working out in hot and humid summer. When the mosquitoes are out, I suit up with pants and long sleeve shirt and get really sweaty:

I measured 3 lbs (6 cups) of sweat in that shirt and pants!

We set up a turtle-cam for James. Helen has finally figured what he likes to eat (crickets and strawberries). He sometimes joins us for our dinner.

This monster is called a jackfruit, grows in a tree. A bit hard to cut up, but tasty and healthy:

Speaking of healthy, Nick talked me into buying a power rack. They let you do solo strength training safely. Turns out you can also solo assemble it safely, barely:

I was going to title that video something like ‘installing a rack in our bedroom’, but thought that might paint a slightly misleading and sketchy image :)