Meet Clark

We took a trip to San-Francisco last month to meet 2 month old Grandson Clark:

Turns out we both like food, of various degrees of healthy-ness-es:

Aya, Zach, and Emma also flew in for a visit:

On a few occasions, I would share Clark with others:

We explored various attractions, including a security robot that wandered about a parking garage:

Max is growing up, over 2 now. He hitches an unconventional ride to his daycare with with Daddy:

His alternate Uber driver uses a more conventional transport (I would self destruct on that electric Boosted Board):

We took Clark on a 7 mile hike to Chinatown, thinking we could catch a Lyft ride back if needed, but forgetting we would have needed car seat. Those front baby carriers are a comfy places to sleep:

One of these is a baby silhouette, the other is a dog. Both have a Bruce with out of control hair:

Back in Alabama, we had a visit with our friends from Germany:

We spent a few days in Seaside Florida. It was where ‘The Truman Show’ movie was filmed in 1998:

Seaside, built in the ’80s, pioneered the idea of “New Urbanism”, which encourages walking and biking instead of cars:

Unfortunately, Helen got stung by enough ‘Sea Lice’ (baby jellyfish) that she developed a hives reaction, which wreaked a couple of her days there:

But she enjoyed the last day:

House renovations continue. I got the bathroom and laundry room painted:

Ripped up 3 flights of old dirty stair carpet (and about 3 billion staples), then puttied, sanded and primed the 2x12 pine boards, finishing them with a couple of coats of black floor paint:

Sanding was pretty messy, but now that it is done, the stairs are so much easier to clean! If and when the paint wears thin, should be easy to simply put another layer on:

The geek video this month had a bear sleeping in our bed:

Closing with a couple of photos you Arachnophobes will want to skip. Helen got friendly with a spider: