Posthistoric Ant

Remember those prehistoric mosquitoes that were preserved in tree sap in Jurassic Park? I was inspired to preserve a present day ant so that people (or maybe aliens) will have something to play with in a few million years:

I have good supply of tree sap, a veritable mini-river of the stuff:

It is coming from a few unfortunate tree roots, victims of my latest trail project. Longest one yet, I created yet another video here:

I also made a trail tour video followed by clips showing some of the critters that use the trails now:

We have been dog sitting Irina’s poodle puppy. They love to play tug-of-war:

And they like to wrestle:

Sometimes they wrestle themselves into a merged creature:

Then they get pretty tuckered out:

In high tech projects, I made a video about our talking mailbox:

In low tech projects, I glued my phone (loose cover):

Any guesses as to who this guy is?

I wasn’t sure either. The beard threw me. Zach and friends went hiking on the high mountain plateau in Montana:

Meanwhile, in SF CA, Max is a busy boy. Learning to drive before it is too late and the self driving cars take over:

His first camping trip:

Pumpkin hunting:

And he still likes to fly:


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