Robots for every surface

Care to guess what this is?

Maybe this one is a little easier to guess:

I won’t even ask about this one … it has no answer:

That 2nd photo one was a piano action. Fixed some sticky keys:

Also tried computer typing via the piano hammers … didn’t work too well:

Finished the middle bedroom flooring project:

Turned out great!

And it only took 2 minutes!

I replace one of those trees I cut down with an antenna experiment:

Also played around with a couple of robots. This one is for window cleaning:

And this one is for floors. I taught it to listen to me. Much easier than teaching the dogs to listen to me:

That 1st mystery photo is from an ice sculptor I made by re-directing the creek fountains into sprays during a recent cold snap:

I did similar with a garden hose in Utah a few years ago. Would not have guessed I would be doing it in Alabama! Record cold snap this year:

In addition to ice, the cold brings out the birds. They need extra fuel to keep warm!