SF visits AL

Wonderful visit from Chloe, Clark, Max & Nick!

We explored the forest:

Fed the fish, turtle, and doggies:

Worked in the shop, discovered a secret loft:

Visited with Yoda, discovered the wetness of the faucet:

Clark loved playing in the pantry, just like Max did 2 years ago when he was about the same age:

Chloe has a bunch of great photos here:

Nick and I had a weight lifting competition. I slightly bested him in the bench, we tied in the lift, and he crushed me in the squat at 275 lbs!

Chloe says his massive leg muscles come from doing one legged hops when loaded up with boys:

I finished the basement renovation just before they got here:

A couple of time-lapses showing the epoxying of the basement and garage floors:

Elsewhere in flooring news, I discovered the joys of liquid floor wax. Before and after shots:

The other project this month is my continuing attempt to tame the forest. A couple of more trees agreed to move for me:

We can now see our house from across the creek! Before and after: