Snow, fog, and a rock

We got snow-ed!

A couple of inches here, up to 10" elsewhere, records for Alabama:

Was really pretty:

Per my heritage, I made a snowman:

Poor brother Mal had to drive through it, but we had a great visit with him:

Following in Dad’s footsteps, we ate dinner in 30 seconds:

We visited an historic pig iron furnace. Birmingham was a big steel town back in the day, lots of iron in near by hills:

Some of the rocks in our back yard are tinged red with iron, at least that is what I’m told (our family is red-green color blind). Even without seeing the red, these rocks have character. We call this one ‘face guy’:

I call this photo ‘guy in an eye’. (a selfie reflected in a post appointment dilated eye):

This one ‘guy and dog’ shadow selfie:

And this one ‘gal and the splayed out dog’:

No tree disasters to report this month. I’ve restricted my chainsaw usage to cutting toast and potatoes:

Working on a project to put in valves for remote control the creek fountains:

The house renovation has moved into the middle master bedroom. Carpet and yellow paint are gone, will be starting laminate flooring next week:

Lastly, a recent fog looked really pretty with the backyard lighting: