Talking to the hot tub

James the turtle has been given free kitchen roaming privileges. He and his long neck are having fun exploring:

White Dog got wet when he got too excited and slipped into the pond:

This raccoon also got wet when he got stuck next to the creek in a rainstorm:

In other water news, our pond made it’s first Lilly!

The little $0.20 feeder fish are also thriving:

I found some bamboo in the Internets and re-jiggered the pond waterfall:

I got semi-naked and made a video of me talking to our hot tub:

Semi-naked seems to be my native state:

A couple of trail switchbacks in the making:

Bought some cheap Amazon Fire tablets and re-programmed them to show video and photo slideshows:

Closing with the obligatory insect photo:

We get a few of these cicadas a year. Looking forward to the big show. For us, the next in the 13 year cycle will be when the Great Southern Brood emerges in 2024. Expect a few more photos of these guys then!