The Great Escape!

Our little, round, bug-eyed-buddies are enjoying our e-photo frames almost as much as we do:

It is like their animal planet channel, where they are learning about all the local critters:

Helen’s butt painfully discovered that 2 year old rotting hammock ropes are not reliable, so I replaced it with a much nicer cypress swing:

Healthy Helen also discovered the joys of a standing desk:

We’ve enjoyed our pond so much that I figured out a spot for a 2nd pond, just under this rock:

I staked it out and the local ants immediately started helping me out:

This version used big pavers for the trail border:

Then we enjoyed those 2 ponds so much, I figured out a spot for a 3rd pond, staked out here:

This one used retaining wall blocks:

Doggies helped me build a new trail bypass:

A small stream of water trickles down through all 3 ponds:

Looks and sounds great:

Made a video showing how to hack cheap Amazon tablets into photo displays:

Nick and Chloe had some great family photos taken:

Finally, In turtle news, Helen bought a Russian tortoise from the pet store to keep Jamie company. A few days later we found this guy, a 2nd box turtle, in the forest:

It soon became clear that this guy was a male and the 1st turtle, James, was a female, so she re-identified herself as Jamie (don’t tell Trump):

I built an outdoor turtle pen, with an water protected, ant-proof, food island:

You can see all 3 turtles in this shot:

Jamie, the smallest, was the best climber:

We thought we had escaped proofed all the corners, but after a few weeks, she discovered a weakness and escaped! We caught it on the turtle-cam, but didn’t notice until she was well hidden back into the forest:

Helen was a little sad, but proud of her first turtle for being so clever. Maybe we will meet her again next Spring.