Trail Towels

Combining the forces of my drone and all the towels in our house, I have become a cartographer. Behold my new map of the universe (i.e. our backyard):

Even without leaves, it is hard to see the trail through the trees. If you look closely, you can see the towels (20 white rectangles) showing me key rocks or trail intersections. That was enough for me to draw in the trails (white lines), creek beds (blue lines), and lot boundary (black lines).

This is another view of the towels, laid out somewhat less strategically:

Here is a picture of our new garden shed:

That location by the street was not ideal, so I carved out a better spot:

Then learned the hard way the side panels have to be tightly connected, or else the corners do not fit!

Turned out nice:

This new storage gave me the excuse to empty out the garage and hire some pros with a big cement grinder to put in a nice epoxy floor:

Looks so nice now that we don’t want to put the cars in it:

We also finished the new garden terrace for the garlic bud I wrote about last month that started all this commotion:

Closing with two wild animal shots. This 10 point buck was caught on one of the trail cameras:

And this animal may not have impressive antlers, but she has the fortitude to bravely wear a new designer dress, lovingly crafted by Helen.