Turtle, Ponds, & M&M

Helen adopted a Box Turtle from our backyard, named him James:

I built a couple of ponds, a small one a the top of the creek to collect water:

And a bigger lily pad pond by the deck. Started with this spot:

And ended up with this:

The spider and I came to an agreement and he let me video him with better lighting than in last month’s video:

These flowers, on the other hand, love lots of light:

This last video is about various water sensors I put in the creek:

In barely Bruce-able projects, I rotated the hot tub 90 degrees:

In typical Bruce-able style, I held onto my trail running shoes maybe a little too long:

We have been enjoying the swing:

And we have been very much enjoying a 2 week visit from Mom and Mikaylie (M&M) ! Spent some time hiking and relaxing in the forest:

Took a trip down to the Gulf:

Lots of swimming, hiking, and watching things glow in the night water:

Doggies learned to surf:

Devochka preferred the safety of Grandma's protection:

Did some biking, toured a Civil War era fort and a bird forest:

And we did some relaxing:

Back home we toured an garden with a bamboo forest:

And visitied a pet store with a roaming turtle and a (thankfully) not roaming aligator:

Visited the famous Iron statue of the Roman God Vulcan that towers above Birmingham:

And a civil rights museum. It is across the street from the church that was bombed in the ‘60s:

Mom bonded with Devochka:

And Mikaylie bonded with my bow:

Closing with a boomerang video from the swing:

Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend!